Six Ways U.S. Water Promotes Water for All

On March 22nd, the United Nations celebrates the importance of global access to clean water and sustainable freshwater resource management through the annual celebration of World Water Day.

2019’s message, Water for All, demonstrates that whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right. At U.S. Water, we use this day to reflect on the importance of clean water and sustainability throughout the globe, and to recognize the humanitarian efforts our employees have engaged in over the past year to support water centric initiatives and the water landscape. 

  • In honor of World Water Day 2019, a monetary donation was given to Pure Water for the World to empower four families with improved health and wellness through access to clean water and essential hygiene and sanitation solutions.
  • In June, a group of U.S. Water volunteers spent a week in Honduras with Pure Water for the World installing bio-sand filters in multiple locations including family homes, a health clinic, children’s lunch center and a catholic seminary. A total of thirty-nine filters were installed providing safe water for over 235 people.
  • In July, an equipment donation of RO units, tanks, support equipment and supplies were given to the non-profit organization Light in the World Development Foundation to provide potable water to their Agou medical clinic located in Togo, Africa.
  • In September, a monetary donation was given to the All Hands and Hearts organization to support disaster relief efforts on the island of Dominica following the Hurricane Maria destruction. The money was used to rebuild a school’s water system.  
  • In October, Water filtration kits were donated to the BUILD People Worldwide organization to provide residents in the villages in Cameroon, Africa access clean drinking water.
  • In October, Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve in Florida received a donation of trees to support the growing habitat garden by attracting wildlife to help sustain the Preserve’s natural ecosystem.
U.S. Water strives to leave the world a better place with better water. Learn more about U.S. Water’s wastewater, water reuse and other sustainable solutions.

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