Water Reuse: Looking Forward to 2023

As we ring in the New Year, we also look toward what we have accomplished this year. The year 2022 saw many changes around the water management industry as companies transformed their outlooks on achievable initiatives. Climate change and tightening regulations continue to create challenges, and facilities must do more to stay on top of their game in their chosen industries to combat rising costs while remaining operationally efficient. All these initiatives tie together with a sustainable focus as companies look at their surroundings from their water landscape to impact on society.

In June 2022, Kurita America published “Exploring Industrial Water Reuse: Key Considerations for Your Facility,” our free eBook that helps engineers, managers, and others better understand factors to consider before embarking on a water reuse journey. Water reuse is not linear and will be dependent on your unique facility. It can include capital investments, like equipment and engineering, but it may also begin with a simple change in chemistries to reduce fuel cost and CO2 emissions.

Throughout 2022, Kurita America published several articles and case studies with a focus on water reuse. Check out some of the most popular content viewed this past year:

California University Reduces Water Consumption Through Blowdown Reuse” by Area Manager Patrick Freeman and Technical Marketing Leader- Equipment System T.J. Stroebl

Kurita America has been working with a university for over 10 years, and the university continues to make improvements in their water reuse system. Kurita America helped the customer engineer a Total Solution that includes chemistries, equipment, automation, and services. This is a long-term solution that has been built overtime to help the university with the growing California water crisis.

Water Scarcity in Context: Our Role and Impact” by Technical Marketing Leader- Equipment System T.J. Stroebl

Climate change is affecting many industries, especially those in western North America. While excessive water with floods can cause issues with wastewater and publicly owned treatment works (POTWs), on the other side of the coin is water scarcity and drought. According to the USDA, California produced over $51 million in agricultural commodities in 2021. 

A Holistic Water Examination: Sartori Cheese's Comprehensive Site Assessment Results in Reduced Water and Waste Costs” by Corporate Account Manager Scott Fisher

Many companies can conduct a plant evaluation to better understand their labor, energy, and water costs among other things. Kurita America’s comprehensive site assessment (CSA) is a step up from a typical evaluation with a focus on water, energy, and fuel savings and how it pertains to sustainability. Over 14 projects were identified in this case study to save the customer water and significant operational costs.

Kurita is a global leader in water reuse and sustainability, and the company focuses on creating shared value (CSV) with customers and society through innovative sustainable solutions. Mounting environmental challenges will play a key factor for society, and industries working together can help create a better world.

Kurita America looks forward to the many years to come as your long-term, sustainable partner to help you increase operational efficiencies, meet regulatory compliance, and achieve sustainability goals.

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