Celebrating Safety in June

Safety Month is celebrated in June on an annual basis by The National Safety Council (NSC). In honor of this year’s safety month, the NSC has designed a weekly theme highlighting various workplace hazards that impact workers regardless of their industry or job duties. At U.S. Water, we believe it’s important to share safety best practices to protect our most important asset, our employees. Under each weekly theme you’ll find a few simple steps you can follow to help keep yourself, and those around you, safe.

  • Week one: Hazard Recognition
    Hazards are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Potential hazards can include everyday items such as heavy boxes, open desk drawers, hot coffee, loud noises and even sun exposure. Heightened awareness of surroundings and remaining alert can reduce the risk of injury.
  • Week two: Slips, Trips and Falls
    OSHA reports that falls are the leading cause of death in the construction sector. Slips, trips and falls can occur due to obstructions in walkways, loose rugs and carpet, unsecured cords and wet walking surfaces. Consistent housekeeping is one of the best ways to combat against injuries, in addition to keeping work areas and pathways well lit.
  • Week three: Fatigue
    Fatigue affects employee’s ability to perform daily job activities and can have a serious impact on workplace health and safety. Doctors recommend 7-9 hours of sleep per night, as fatigue is often due to lack of sleep. Alcohol and caffeine can also interrupt sleep patterns and should be avoided prior to bedtime. It is advised that screens be turned off thirty minutes prior to bedtime, as they can also prevent the body from falling asleep. One’s sleeping environment should promote relaxation with cool temperatures and low levels of light, allowing one to feel refreshed and alert the next day.
  • Week four: Impairment
    Impairment can come in many unexpected forms and can be situational, such as exposure to extreme temperatures or cases of workplace harassment. The most common workplace impairments originate from alcohol abuse and drug misuse. Employees should wear personal protective equipment to arm themselves against temperature hazards and should communicate any safety concerns to their manager to promote a safe working environment.

Learn more about U.S. Water’s workplace safety or take the NSC’s Safe at Work Pledge.

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